Don’t let the rain ruin a perfectly good Funky Friday! Throw on a raincoat, grab an umbrella – whatever you need to do – and get on down with us tonight.

We’re back at Bull Feeney’s in Portland tonight and, as always, it’s gonna be a party in the Old Port. As usual, there’s no cover on Funky Friday, so that means you’re fresh out of excuses funkonaut. Grab two or three of your friends and make your way down to Fore Street to party with us. Music drops at 9:30 pm and continues until we all get kicked out – dig?

Right now, we’re booking more shows and looking forward to taking some time off in October while we gear up for our return to The Big Easy on Saturday November 3rd. For those of you keeping score at home, our first ever gig was playing The Big Easy back in June of 2011 – we were grateful for the chance they gave us back then and we’re super excited to have another show where we’ll be rolling out all the new original material along with some crowd-pleasing favorites. Thanks again for the support and be sure to check in with us on Facebook and Twitter!