Hey there funkonauts! Let’s get down to some real talk. You’ve worked hard this week, right? And the week before that? And the one before that? Maybe you can’t pay your rent with good intentions and a smile, but one thing is for sure – you deserve a little groove this week. That’s where we come in – after all, it’s our duty to move that booty!

We’re bringing Funky Friday back to Bull Feeney’s in Portland this Friday night. Forget sitting on the couch, get four or five friends together and get down to Fore Street. Stop by a little early and get some dinner, then get ready to boogie the night away with us. The beat drops at 9:30 pm and doesn’t stop until almost 1:00 am – there’s no cover, so there’s no excuses!

We’re going to have a table set up with some of our “100% Funky Soul” t-shirts, so be sure to grab one on your way by!