The summer is young and it’s already been very very good to the Boomshack. We got James back from Europe, although his liver is still attempting to clear customs after being accused of smuggling several liters* of various spirits. To celebrate, we’re bringing him back to the Old Port with us and declaring June 22nd an extra special Funky Friday.

Which means you need to gather all your favorite funkonauts and come party with us at Gingko Blue this Friday night. The beat drops at 9:00 pm and goes until they shut the power off on us. No cover, no excuses.

While we’ve got a moment, thanks to everyone who made it out to Mr. Goodbar this past Thursday night – we had a blast and are looking forward to dropping some more funky soul on the Beach in August!

* That’s right – liters. We’re gettin’ all metric up in this joint!