Mama's Boomshack recording our debut albumBelieve it or not funkonauts, we’ve hit 2014 and not everybody is hip to funk yet. Who woulda thunk it? Well, let’s see if we can’t fix that…¬†February 15th, we head into the studio to record our debut album of funky soul music. That’s right, the day after Valentine’s Day – because it’s a labor of love people.

So here’s the deal… We’ve got the songs, we’ve got the studio, we’ve got uber producer Jonathan Wyman on board, and we’re only missing one thing… YOU! We’re using Pledge Music to fund half of the recording costs, which allows fans to pledge towards the project and receive some sweet exclusives for their trouble. For instance, you can basically pre-order the album for $10 (digital download), $15 (physical CD), or $20 (signed CD) – you won’t get charged unless we meet our funding goal and then you’ll automatically get the album how you want it when we’ve finished. Simple.

There’s also a bunch of other cool stuff you can get into like photos from the studio ($35), handwritten lyric sheets ($50), signed drum heads ($60), getting your name in the liner notes ($75), a burger date with our trombone player “Burger” James Hebert ($85 and that includes food), a freshly baked homemade pie from our saxophone player Lisa ($150), custom Valentine’s Day video for that special someone ($350), or a full band house party anywhere in New England ($2,000). All of which also include a digital download of the album plus updates along the way.

Updates you say? That’s right… We’ll be posting information along the way leading up to recording and during the session as well. There’s also some downloads that will be available only to pledgers – demo or live versions of songs that will then wind up on the album.

So go ahead and check out the project page, pledge, and spread the word!