Mama's Boomshack presents Stand! A Tribute to Sly & The Family Stone - Portland House Of Music & Events - Saturday April 16, 2016When we’ve had to describe our sound, the quickest way to get the point across has been to say we sound like the lovechild of James Brown and Sly Stone. A mixture of funk and soul but also of different people’s influences and energy coming together to form a singular sound. So it only goes to figure that after we paid tribute to The Godfather of Soul back in November that our next show at Portland House Of Music would feature the other half of our musical DNA.┬áStand! is going to be a showcase for a ton of groundbreaking Sly hits along with some deeper cuts – songs that have been played and sampled countless times over the last decades and yet still sound fresh.

So don’t wait – tickets are now available online for our April 16th show at Portland House of Music & Events. Tickets are $6 in advance and $8 the day of the show – but judging by the response we had back in November, you don’t want to wait too long before snagging your tickets for this one.

Our first set of the night will feature original music by us and the second set will be chock full of Sly tunes. Joining us for the night will be our friends Jya Marie and Susannah Gerry on vocals, Kate Beever on percussion, and Dwight Herdrich on keys.