Get Down In Dover on May 15th

Dover, New Hampshire… are you ready to rage?

Next Friday night (that’s May 15th for those of you keeping score at home) we’ll be bringing our merry little funk parade to The Dover Brickhouse for so much-needed leg stretching. Just to make things interesting, we’ll be bringing our new friends The Kenny Brothers Band to kick the night off. Tickets are only 7 bucks – doors open at 8pm and the beat drops at 9pm. Think you’re funky enough to hang? Be there!

That tune sound familiar? Want it? If you haven’t gotten your copy of Speed Of Soul, here’s how to get it… Downloads are available through BandcampiTunesAmazon, and Google Play. To get a CD, visit your local Bull Moose shop or order online through their website.

Official Video For Speed Of Soul

Check out the new official video for our song “Speed Of Soul” on our YouTube channel!

The video was chopped by Todd Regoulinsky. The original footage is from “The Mechanical Monsters” by Fleischer Studios in 1941 – all footage is in the public domain and available for use.

If you haven’t gotten your copy of our album, then get to it! Downloads are available through Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. To get a CD, visit your local Bull Moose shop or order online through their website.

Hanging around Portland next Saturday night? Stop by Empire and say hello – tickets are only $6 and available online now or at the door that night.

Mama's Boomshack live at Empire in Portland, Maine

Portland, Prepare For The Funk

2014-10-11-empire-11x17-webGreetings and salutations funkonauts! It’s been a little while, but it’s time for us to have ourselves a little hometown throwdown in our favorite town on this rock we call earth – Portland, Maine.

Saturday October 11th is the date you’ll want scrawl on your refrigerator in permanent marker – that’s when we’ll be serving up a heaping movable feast of funky soul music at EMPIRE. It’s going to be a fun night for all with our new friends OC & The Offbeats starting things off at 10pm, and then we’re going to hit the stage for the rest of the night. Tickets are only $6 and you can grab them online right now.

And if you’re heading out to the show and haven’t gotten yourself a copy of our new album, Speed Of Soul, why swing by a Bull Moose store near you (say the locations in Portland, South Portland, Scarborough, or Lewiston for instance) and get a CD for the ride? Or if you’re into instant gratification, download the whole shebang right now through Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.

See you October 11th!



Todd’s Top 5 Summer Albums

IMG_2224Well, funkonauts, it appears that after being stripped and cavity searched at the border, Summer finally arrived here in Maine! Hopefully, you’ve been making the most of it, because as we all know it’ll be gone before we know it. Here at the Boomshack, we’ve been lounging at our adjoining palatial estates in a secret remote location and sipping refreshing cocktails of various designs and potency before emerging for our public appearances.

However, we’re sure the question on your mind is “What have you been listening to as you bask next to the saxophone-shaped Olympic-size pool?” Excellent question our dear funkonauts…

Here’s Todd with some recommendations to keep you on the sunny side of the street for the month…

glove-lemonadeG. Love – Lemonade

What’s better during the summer than a nice cold pitcher of Lemonade? How about some bluesy riffs and sloppy lyrics from The Loved One? Honestly, this one goes into the truck in late May and stays there until the snow starts flying.

top-oakland-zoneTower Of Power – Oakland Zone

There’s no way I was getting through this list without having some TOP involved, so I might as well get it in early. Fond memories of this one because it helped survive spring/summer/fall humidity in Newport News, Virginia. Bought this one before moving and it remained in my car’s CD changer (2002 Neon – represent!) for about 7 months straight. Tremendous amounts of flash and snap from a band that’s been around since 1968 – well worth the spins.

glove-sugarG. Love & Special Sauce – Sugar

A double dose of G Love, you ask? Go ahead and give it a listen, then you’ll understand. First studio album by the original formula Special Sauce in years and it’s like they never left. I’ve yet to find a bad song on this disc and it’s been damn near worn out on the way back and forth to gigs. Right from the opening count off, this thing just moves.

lettuce-flyLettuce – FLY

It’s no surprise that Lettuce has been getting a metric ton of pub lately – solid tasty grooves just pour out of speakers whenever you hit play. So much goodness on this album that it’s tough to pick a favorite… although at gun point, I’d probably go with “Jack Flask”… but that’s my bari sax bias showing through.

boxinggahndhis-howardBoxing Gandhis – Howard

Not to flaunt my old school credentials, but I clearly remember picking Boxing Gandhis’ debut album out of the Columbia Record House catalog back in the day. I have never regretted it. This is their second album and filled with this incredible mixture of funk, soul, beautiful harmonies, acoustic delicacy, and full-on bombast. Best band that no one you know has heard of – get on it.

All right, so now that I’ve covered some great tunes by other bands to help finish your summer strong – go and grab our new album, Speed Of Soul! Available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Bull Moose online for a CD.



Review of Speed Of Soul on - Mama's Boomshack

Speed Of Soul Review at

Review of Speed Of Soul on - Mama's BoomshackFunkonauts, it’s a beautiful day made even more beautifuler* by some kind words from Aimsel Ponti on her Face The Music blog at Dig it…

My current favorite on the nine-song collection of original tunes is “Love Somebody.” With electric guitar, a mess of horns and awesome backup vocals from Brundage, the song gets it done both musically and lyrically. Regoulinsky will have you singing along before the song is over. “You gotta love somebody/You gotta love somebody/You gotta love somebody if we all want to get along.”

I also dig the slower groove “Nothing More to Say” with the sensational Brundage on lead vocals over a bed of horns: “Walking ’round lonely streets while the sun goes down/comfort in the silence of this dead-end town.”

Head on over and give the whole post a peep! The article will also be published in the Maine Today Magazine section of Thursday’s Portland Press Herald.

Still on the fence about heading out to the show Saturday night? Get off the fence and get on the good foot! Tickets are only $10 in advance and available online right now – you can still get tickets at the door for $12 the night of the show. Essence is going to get the night rolling with sick beats and lyrics at 8pm and then we tear the roof off around 9pm. Still haven’t got tickets? GO!

If you’re not in the area and want to grab a copy of the new album, you have some options… The album is currently available in CD form at Bull Moose locations (Portland, Scarborough, South Portland, and Lewiston) as well as through their website. Listeners can visit our Bandcamp page to download the album in various lossless formats or purchase downloads through iTunesAmazonGoogle Play, and other online stores.

* Huh, spellcheck actually says that beautifuler is a word. Who woulda thunk it?