Funky Friday at Bull Feeney’s This Week

2013-10-25-bullfeeneys-webGreetings Funkonauts! Once again, it’s time to break out all that funky soul music that you love and bring it to one of the most hoppin’ joints in Portland! Come check us out at Bull Feeney’s this Funky Friday night. The beat drops at 9:30 pm and there’s never a cover for Funky Friday. The address is 375 Fore Street, or you can just listen for the party and see us gettin’ down in that second story corner window.

While we’re chatting so amiably, why not also throw in another reminder to vote for us in this year’s Portland Phoenix Best Music Poll as the Best R&B/Soul/Funk Act. While you’re there, throw a couple votes to the Fogcutters and all your favorite artists and musicians.

Vote For Us In The Portland Phoenix 2013 Best Music Poll!


We’re honored to be nominated in the Portland Phoenix 2013 Best Music Poll in the Best R&B/Soul/Funk Act category. It’s amazing to see our names alongside other bands whose music we really like, so we’d also like to congratulate them as well.

Funkonauts, we’ve been having a blast getting out on stage and playing for you over the last almost 3 years. As much as we love music, it just wouldn’t be the same playing to empty rooms – so thank you for coming out to shows, paying covers, plowing through snowstorms, fending off giant bats, and all the other assorted nonsense. We’re looking forward to continuing our quest to bring funky soul music to the masses!

All that being said, we’re a pretty big underdog in this whole deal – so we’d love your help! Go ahead and vote for us and then spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, MySpace (that’s still a thing, right?), or whatever works for you.

Thanks again and keep the funk alive!