The Final Show

2016-10-14-phome-webAfter six years of making the world just a little bit funkier, it’s time for us to take our final bow. We’ll have one last Funky Friday on October 14 at Portland House Of Music & Events to celebrate.

Six years is something like sixty in band years, which is as much a tribute to the people who have supported us throughout this journey as it is to the tenacity and energy of the musicians themselves. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has ever come out to a show, bought a t-shirt or CD, played our song on the radio, mentioned us online or in print, and introduced our music to a friend. It’s been our pleasure to write and play music for you.

Another set of thank you’s go out to all of the people who booked us for shows throughout the years – after all, what would a band be without a place to play? We’ve been grateful for each show we’ve gotten to play and never lost sight of the faith people put in us to put on a good show. Among all the great people we’ve gotten to work with, a couple deserve some special attention…

Thanks to Sonja at Bray’s Brew Pub, who booked us for an entire year of shows based solely off our demo and has kept us traveling up to Naples consistently ever since. She also helped get us in the door with the Maine Blues Festival, which was a blast to play.

Thanks to Doug at Bull Feeney’s for the monthly residency that lasted almost two years and gave us a chance to play in front of a ton of people.

Thanks to Ken at Portland House Of Music & Events and the old Big Easy. Our first show was at The Big Easy when Ken called us for a last minute fill-in, and it’s only appropriate that we’ll be finishing this run at his newest venue. Not only has he spent years supporting music in Portland, Maine but he also treats every single band/artist with tremendous warmth and respect.

We’d also be remiss if we didn’t thank Jonathan Wyman of The Halo for making the sessions for Speed Of Soul an absolute pleasure and dream come true. Another big thank you to Adam Ayan of Gateway for mastering our album to perfection.

Most of all, thank you to all of the family members who have supported us throughout this trip. It’s not easy living with someone in a band – rehearsals, practice time, and gigs take up a lot of time. Thank you for loving us, coming out to the shows, and bringing dozens of people with you. Thank you to the extended family of Boomshack alumni who have wandered through the band… Anthony, Scott, Chris, Nick, Sam, and Lisa.

We’re looking forward to raging one more time with you at Portland House Of Music & Events on Funky Friday October 14. Get your tickets online now for only $8 or for $10 day of the show. Ya dig?


Funk Under The Stars At Bray’s This Saturday

2015-09-26-brays-webThere’s nothing like getting funky in the great outdoors, so we’re pretty excited to unleash a full funky soul assault on your earholes this Saturday night in the biergarten at Bray’s Brew Pub in Naples! This Saturday is the Maine Lakes Brew Fest, so it’s good time to sample all kinds of tasty adult beverages before settling in to rage with us all night. As usual, we kick things off at 9:00pm and keep rolling until midnight. Invite a few dozen friends and get ready to dance with us!

And if you’re heading out to the show and haven’t gotten yourself a copy of our new album, Speed Of Soul, why not swing by a Bull Moose store near you (say the locations in Portland, South Portland, Scarborough, or Lewiston for instance) and get a CD for the ride? Or if you’re into instant gratification, download the whole shebang right now through BandcampiTunesGoogle Play, or Amazon.


Tomorrow Night at Bray’s Brew Pub

beerHappy Funky Friday Funkonauts! We’re hurtling towards the weekend and as such, it’s time to get out and shake something… We’re going to be tearing things up over at Bray’s Brew Pub in Naples, ME on Saturday night – and you should too! We get rolling at 9:00pm and there’s never a cover, so you’ve got some extra jingle when you walk to spend on a frosty adult beverage.

If you’ve never been to Bray’s before, be sure to get there early to have some dinner too – they have a terrific menu. And the beer… oh, the beer. Lots of great selections including the stuff they brew right there on the premises. Food, beer, and funk – sort of like heaven on earth, dontcha think?

Bray’s is located right on Route 302 as you head into Naples, at 678 Roosevelt Trail. Be there!

Saturday Night, Naples Feels The Funk

Funkonauts, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways…

You come out to the shows, you’ve bought Speed Of Soul in at least 3 different formats (not to be too pushy, but you can grab the physical CD from Bull Moose or us at a show, the iTunes version, and then hit up Bandcamp for the audiogeek lossless formats… just sayin’), you like our stuff on Facebook, followed us on Twitter, and then watched through our two outstanding videos from the new album. Really, you’re fantastic.

So let’s have a date night, just the eight of us. Or maybe twelve. Or however many people show up. Whatever. You know we only have eyes for you, right?

Why don’t you put on them dancing shoes (you know the ones) and come out and party with us at Bray’s Brew Pub this Saturday night (678 Roosevelt Trail in Naples). We’ve got all them original funky soul songs that you’re craving, some classics you’ve been missing (did we mention that Lisa is back on the job?), and a new original tune for you to chew on. C’mon… those plans can be cancelled. Let’s do this thing…

See you Saturday night Funkonauts….

Funky Double Feature This Weekend

Hello funkonauts! It’s time for us to get back to what we love doing most – dedicating ourselves to the preservation of the motion of hips. We’ll be giving clinics twice this weekend on how to shake everything you got…

Funky Friday night (March 28th for those of you scoring at home) we’re at Bull Feeney’s in Portland, ME. As always, this is going to be a party and you don’t want to miss out. The beat drops at 9:30 pm and we keep rolling until they kick us all out onto the sidewalk.

Saturday night (March 29th) we’re at Bray’s Brew Pub in Naples, ME. Just because spring has been a bit of a jerk this year and refused to play nice doesn’t mean it isn’t a good time to head up to the lakes. Bray’s has you covered with some local brews and homecooking – we kick off at 9:30 pm.

Thanks again to y’all for coming out to shows – be sure to sign up for our email newsletter over there on the right side of the page (scroll down a bit, you’ll find it) so you can keep up to date on what’s happening each month. The album goes in for mastering early next week – we’re still on track for having this done pretty soon, kids. Stay tuned for more!