Happy Funky Fourth of July Eve!

Greetings Funkonauts across all the dimensions of space and time! Here on Earth, we’re fixin’ to celebrate the 4th of July a little bit early with a special midweek show at Bull Feeney’s in Portland, Maine tonight!

Bull Feeney’s is a classic Irish pub located in the heart of Portland’s historic Old Port at 375 Fore Street. They have a wide variety of local beer on draft, a large selection of fine scotch and whiskey, and a tremendous menu. With two floors, it’s also a great atmosphere for live music. Get there early for some dinner and then be prepared to boogie on into the Fourth with us.

As usual, music starts at 9:30 pm and we’ll be bringing the heavy funk until almost 1:00 am! No cover means no excuses, so get yourself downtown and see some funky fireworks on the stage!

Funky Friday at Bull Feeney’s!

Mama's Boomshack at Bull Feeney's June 28 in Portland, Maine

It’s coming up on the fourth Friday of the month, which means it’s time for us to bring the funk back to Bull Feeney’s in Portland!

Bull Feeney’s is a great traditional Irish pub located on Fore Street in the heart of Portland’s Old Port. Two levels, great menu, and a fine selection of local brews and fine scotch are just a few of the key things here folks. A good choice any night of the week, it’s an especially fine destination on Funky Friday. With no cover, you can stop by and swing upstairs for a funky good time with us starting at 9:30 pm and going until almost 1:00 am.

Jump on by, bring a dozen friends, and don’t plan on going anywhere else – THIS is the place to be Friday night!

Funky Friday Is Baaaaaaaaaack!


Hey there funkonauts! Let’s get down to some real talk. You’ve worked hard this week, right? And the week before that? And the one before that? Maybe you can’t pay your rent with good intentions and a smile, but one thing is for sure – you deserve a little groove this week. That’s where we come in – after all, it’s our duty to move that booty!

We’re bringing Funky Friday back to Bull Feeney’s in Portland this Friday night. Forget sitting on the couch, get four or five friends together and get down to Fore Street. Stop by a little early and get some dinner, then get ready to boogie the night away with us. The beat drops at 9:30 pm and doesn’t stop until almost 1:00 am – there’s no cover, so there’s no excuses!

We’re going to have a table set up with some of our “100% Funky Soul” t-shirts, so be sure to grab one on your way by!

Meet the Boomshack – John Berce

johnThis month, it’s all about the bass – because you can’t have the funk without that thump baby.

Holding down the bottom is a bit of a thankless job – sort of like an offensive lineman in football or whoever has to make up for Keanu Reeves’ stunning lack of acting ability in every scene – and nobody does it better than our own John Berce. A Boomshack fixture since the beginning, John can be counted on for two things without question – keeping the groove steady and buying a new bass every couple of months in the neverending search for the perfect sound.

Without further ado, here it is in his own words…

The best song you’ve listened to in the last 24 hours…. Gary Clark’s Outro

Your desert island top 5 albums are…. The Beatles “The White Album”, Tedeschi-Trucks Band “Revelator”, anything by Jaco Pastorius, Miles Davis “Kinda of Blue”, and Derek Trucks Band “Songlines”

Favorite gig experience of the last year…. Bull Feeney’s after being hospitalized

If you could open for any band/artist – past or present – who would it be?…. Phish, playing to a crowd that size and with that *mood*, would be great!

Most amusing moment to happen during/before/after a gig in the last year…. James’ sack o’burgers and a bad decision

Most embarrassing moment to happen during/before/after a gig in the last year…. showing up for gig without PA head

If I had a million dollars I would…. retire and build guitars

How do you take your funk?… Bubbly, Bootsy-style

The one thing you want the whole world to know about you is…. I invented the internet and Al Gore stole my idea!

Funky Friday at Bull Feeney’s Tonight!

Don’t let the rain ruin a perfectly good Funky Friday! Throw on a raincoat, grab an umbrella – whatever you need to do – and get on down with us tonight.

We’re back at Bull Feeney’s in Portland tonight and, as always, it’s gonna be a party in the Old Port. As usual, there’s no cover on Funky Friday, so that means you’re fresh out of excuses funkonaut. Grab two or three of your friends and make your way down to Fore Street to party with us. Music drops at 9:30 pm and continues until we all get kicked out – dig?

Right now, we’re booking more shows and looking forward to taking some time off in October while we gear up for our return to The Big Easy on Saturday November 3rd. For those of you keeping score at home, our first ever gig was playing The Big Easy back in June of 2011 – we were grateful for the chance they gave us back then and we’re super excited to have another show where we’ll be rolling out all the new original material along with some crowd-pleasing favorites. Thanks again for the support and be sure to check in with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Gettin’ Down… Just For The Funk Of It…

Greetings to all the loyal Funkonauts out there who are keeping the faith! It’s a been a couple weeks off for us to recharge the batteries and bang a few dents out of the mothership’s grill, but we’re getting ready to fly again.

We’ve been working on some new tunes that are getting ready to see the light of day soon. There’s also been lots of scheduling happening, so we’re pretty excited about some of the new shows we have coming up. Want to get in on the action? Wander on over and like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to catch all the good stuff as it happens (or even before).

Next week, we bring Funky Friday back to Bull Feeney’s in Portland for another epic show. Y’all have been great and we’re hoping to bring it to another level – Friday August 24th at 9:30 pm. No cover, no excuses. Wonder what happens on Funky Friday? Take a look…

Get Down With Us On Funky Friday!

Mama's Boomshack at Bull Feeney's on Friday July 27 at 9:30 pmGreetings funkonauts from every corner of the known galaxy! It’s good to see so many of you brave the interstellar journey to be with us here today…

Come check us out this Funky Friday July 27th when we take over the top floor at Bull Feeney’s for that funky soul that makes you lose control. We’ll be dropping some great tunes including a couple new cuts that you sure don’t want to miss. The fun starts at 9:30 pm and continues until they kick us out onto the sidewalk. As always, there’s no cover at Funky Friday so that means no excuses. Grab a couple friends and bring them downtown for a funky good time.

Never been to Bull Feeney’s? Great traditional Irish pub at 375 Fore Street in the heart of Portland, Maine’s Old Port. Lots of great beers on top with the majority of them being local Maine brews. Stop on by early for some dinner and then hustle on upstairs for a good spot on the dance floor.

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