Bringin’ The Funk To Bull Feeney’s

Greetings funkonauts! So, we’ve already gotten a head start on planning your weekend out for ya… hinthint… go see Big Band Syndrome this Friday at The State… So, now that we have Friday night covered, what’s going on Saturday?

Glad you asked.

We’re bringin’ the funk to Bull Feeney’s this Saturday night – December 3rd – so get yourself ready. Stop by early and grab something good from the menu, have a pint or two, and then get yourself upstairs for the funk at 9:30 pm. We’ll be holding court until 1:00 am, so you better come prepared.

If you’re not sure where Bull Feeney’s is… well, just follow the crowd to 375 Fore Street (the corner of Fore and Exchange in the Old Port) and look for the sign with a lobster holding a Guinness. Bingo, you’re there.

Looking forward to funkifying your Saturday night and we’ll see you there!

Another Double Secret Probation Show – TONIGHT!

Bull Feeney's in Portland, MEGreetings ‘Shack denziens – it’s Tuesday, do you know where your funk is? Well, wonder no more…

Mama’s Boomshack will be mixing with the folks in Portland tonight as we grab the open mic at Bull Feeney’s on Fore Street around 9:30 pm. The plan is to get there and be first on, so make sure you plan your interstellar jump early and have a pint of Guinness in hand for the appointed hour. We’ve got some good ol’ funky music along with some soulful stuff too, so bring yourself and a dozen or so friends for a funky good time.

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