Much Gratitude

First and foremost, all the members of the Boomshack would like to thank all the funkonauts who have been coming out to our shows. All of you getting down with us during the show and the kind words afterwards make this whole thing a lot of fun. So, from the bottom of our funky little hearts we thank y’all – if it weren’t for the restraining orders, we’d give every single one of you a big sloppy kiss on the cheek.

Second, we’d like to extend a special thanks to the folks at Bray’s Brew Pub – Mike, Sonja, and the entire staff. Back when we were getting this deal off the ground a year ago, the good folks in Naples were one of the first to sign us up and give us a place to jam. Since then, we’ve been back a whole bunch of times – outdoors, indoors, snow, rain, and sunshine – and it’s always been a good time. Also, we’d like to thank the folks at The Run of the Mill in Saco who hold the distinction of being the very first folks to give us a gig way back when. In between, it’s been a series of smiles with all the kind people at The Big Easy, Empire Dine & Dance, Bull Feeney’s, Kelley’s Row, Gingko Blue, Jimmy The Greeks, The Press Room, The Church, Federal Jacks, and Montsweag Roadhouse. Thank you for giving us a listen and a place to share our music.

So let’s get to third before things get a little too out of control, shall we? Third, thanks to all the folks who have been hanging with us through this whole process. To Scott Morgan – a bona fide original member of the Boomshack who recorded our awesome demo and has been jumping in with us on gigs ever since. To John Mclaine – one of the driving forces behind The Fogcutters who has been kind enough to share the stage with us a couple times. To Alex Cardamone – our favorite funky trumpet player who has been good enough to hang with us throughout the last year. To Chris Marro – for banging out the beat on gigs with us. And to the folks like Jim Robins and Sayid Brent who sat in with us a bit – dang, it was fun.

After a year, it’s been a blast funkonauts… and we’re looking forward to the coming year even more. Stay funky my friends.

Tribute To Levon Helm

So you’re looking for something to do on a Saturday night in Portland but are drawing a blank? Once again, we’ve got you covered… you’re welcome.

Head on over to Empire Dine & Dance for a tribute to the life and music of Levon Helm. The evening begins with a screening of The Last Waltz and then finishes up with local musicians playing selections from The Band. Included in that group of locals is our very own Lisa Brundage!

Stop on by, have a pint, say hi to Lisa, and pay tribute a great musician.

The Boomshack Lands @ Empire Dine & Dance

Another call has just come in over the funk hotline this weekend and we’re pleased to announce we’ll be funkin’ up Empire Dine & Dance this coming Thursday night – June 9th – from 9:00 pm until midnight. Looking for something to do? Why not wander down to Congress Street – because there’s NO COVER for this show and sure to be a funky good time. We seem to remember hearing somewhere that Thursday is the new Friday, so you know all the cool kids will out for this one.

If you came out last Saturday night, fear not – we’ve got a couple new tunes for you to check out as well. So get your booty downtown Thursday night people, and get ready to shake everything you got!