How Blue Can YOU Get?

Greetings and salutations funkonauts… It’s that time of the week again where Mama’s Boomshack helps you plan out the weekend. You’re welcome.

This week, we’re all about getting your Friday rolling in the right direction as we land at Gingko Blue. If you haven’t caught us at this place yet, then you’re missing out. Right in the heart of the Old Port, Gingko Blue is a smooth little lounge with great atmosphere and selection of adult beverages to enhance your relaxation. Check us out starting at 9pm this Friday – no cover, no problems.

We’re also going to be back at Gingko Blue the following Saturday night, February 18th. In between, we’ll be working on some new tunes to spring on everyone for that second show. Want to catch everything? Best get to both shows and compare notes. You know, just to be thorough…

Bringing It Back To Portland!

Afternoon Funkonauts and Happy (Got To Get Over The) Hump Day!

First off, thanks to all the folks who came out to Kelley’s Row last Friday night and helped us get down – the pleasure, as always, was ours. Big shout out to Jim Robins who dropped in and laid down some nasty-good p-bone on the unsuspecting crowd. Keep the faith alive people, we shall return soon.

Next up, we’re bringing the mothership in for a landing in Portland next Friday night at Bull Feeney’s! We’ll be comin’ at ya all the way live from the upstairs room, so if you want a spot to dance, get there soon. The music starts at 9:30 pm, but there’s no reason you can’t there a bit early and sample the fare downstairs before grabbing a pint of whatever-your-pleasure and heading upstairs. Posters will be going up around town later this week, so when you’re heading down the street be sure to point them out to all your friends. They’ll thank you later.

Now, it’s time to get busy with some more tunes (original and otherwise). Peace and hair grease y’all.

Tonight @ Federal Jacks!

Hoping 2012 is treating everyone well… Here at the Boomshack, we’re digging what happened in 2011 and planning to keep the momentum going into this new and funkier year.

Tonight, we’re heading to a new venue – Federal Jacks in Kennebunk, Maine. Great place to grab something to eat beforehand along with a couple of tasty brews, then prepare to burn all them calories off when we hit the stage at 10:00 pm. C’mon out and help us keep the funk alive in 2012!

On The Weekend & Being Wicked Famous

Great show at Bray’s Brew Pub tonight – thanks to everyone who made it out and especially to the hard-working staff who have made their place like our second home in 2011. Looking forward to more good nights up in Naples in 2012.

Speaking of 2012, we’re going to be at Montsweag Roadhouse Saturday December 31st for a New Years Eve bash. Music starts at 9:30pm – get out early to make sure you don’t miss a note of sweet, juicy funk.

And to round things up, it looks like we were getting wicked famous even before we knew it. Back in late July, we got a mention in the Bangor Daily News when they did a post about Kenya Hall. We’re in the sixth paragraph down and it goes a little something like this…

Maine isn’t know for its thriving soul and funk scene, but Bangor’s Juicebox and Portland bands like the Sly-Chi (who are also playing the Dispatch ME stage at KahBang), Mama’s Boomshack and the Kenya Hall Band are changing that. KahBang this year in particular is bringing more soul, funk and hip hop to Maine than any other festival in recent memory has seen, making it one of the most musically diverse festivals in the state.

Cool! No matter where you’re spending tomorrow night, have a safe and happy New Years Eve. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in 2012!

New Years Eve Weekend

Things are getting hectic. The mall parking lot is just this side of demolition derby, you’re still trying to crank out those last few cards in the desperate hope they’ll get there before Christmas (which they won’t – sorry), and you’re so loaded up on eggnog and cookies that an artery is about to blow.

Hey, chill. We’re here to help.

If you need something to look forward to this holiday season, then have no fear! We’re playing two big shows on New Years Eve weekend to help you finish up 2011 with something approximating a bang.

Friday December 30th we’ll be at one of our favorite haunts, Bray’s Brew Pub, on Roosevelt Trail in Naples. Show starts at 9:30 pm and gives you a most excellent chance to get in some last minute training for the big night.

Saturday December 31st we’ll be at the Montsweag Roadhouse on Route One in Woolwich. Show starts at 9:30 and we’re going all the way to 1:15 am to help y’all funk the new year in with some style.

See, feel that stress melting away already? Just another service we provide.