Funky Friday Lands In Portland… With Guests

If you’re looking to take a break from politics and work, then we’ve got the time and place for you…

Funky Friday returns to Zackery’s in Portland, ME tomorrow night! Five bucks gets you in the door and we kick it off at 8:30 pm.

Leading the charge, we have some special guests joining us too. On drums, we’ll have Chris Marro and Scott Morgan on guitar. You don’t want to miss it – the jams will be epic. Catch us now or funk us later baby.

Gettin’ Down… Just For The Funk Of It…

Greetings to all the loyal Funkonauts out there who are keeping the faith! It’s a been a couple weeks off for us to recharge the batteries and bang a few dents out of the mothership’s grill, but we’re getting ready to fly again.

We’ve been working on some new tunes that are getting ready to see the light of day soon. There’s also been lots of scheduling happening, so we’re pretty excited about some of the new shows we have coming up. Want to get in on the action? Wander on over and like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to catch all the good stuff as it happens (or even before).

Next week, we bring Funky Friday back to Bull Feeney’s in Portland for another epic show. Y’all have been great and we’re hoping to bring it to another level – Friday August 24th at 9:30 pm. No cover, no excuses. Wonder what happens on Funky Friday? Take a look…

Funky Double Feature This Week

Greetings to all the good funkonauts of the world! It might only be Tuesday, but it’s never too early to gear up for a funky good time this weekend – and have we ever got a deal for you…

Mama's Boomshack at Mr. Goodbar - 6 East Grand Avenue in Old Orchard Beach, ME - Thursday August 2, 2012Mama's Boomshack at Zackery's - 81 Riverside Drive in Portland, ME - Friday August 3, 2012

This Thumptastic Thursday night, we return to Old Orchard Beach at Mr. Goodbar. This is a great club located at 6 East Grand Avenue – literally a stones throw from the beach – with plenty of room to get down and a system that brings the boom. Doors open up at 7pm and then music gets rolling at 9pm – cover is only $5 for the night. Along with that, they have some awesome drink specials going on that just can’t be beat anywhere else on the beach – $2 beers and $5 16oz cocktails all night long.

The next night, Funky Friday returns to Zackery’s on Riverside Drive in Portland! We’ll be bringing the funk and possibly some new tunes to the stage starting at 8:30pm until midnight. Zackery’s is located at 81 Riverside Drive inside the Fireside Inn & Suites, right off I-95. There’s tons of free parking the it’s only $5 at the door. C’mon down with us and help us shake the joint up.

If you want to keep up-t0-date on all the funky mayhem, be sure to like us on Facebook and also follow us on Twitter. Thanks again for coming out and we’re looking forward to seeing y’all this weekend!

Get Down With Us On Funky Friday!

Mama's Boomshack at Bull Feeney's on Friday July 27 at 9:30 pmGreetings funkonauts from every corner of the known galaxy! It’s good to see so many of you brave the interstellar journey to be with us here today…

Come check us out this Funky Friday July 27th when we take over the top floor at Bull Feeney’s for that funky soul that makes you lose control. We’ll be dropping some great tunes including a couple new cuts that you sure don’t want to miss. The fun starts at 9:30 pm and continues until they kick us out onto the sidewalk. As always, there’s no cover at Funky Friday so that means no excuses. Grab a couple friends and bring them downtown for a funky good time.

Never been to Bull Feeney’s? Great traditional Irish pub at 375 Fore Street in the heart of Portland, Maine’s Old Port. Lots of great beers on top with the majority of them being local Maine brews. Stop on by early for some dinner and then hustle on upstairs for a good spot on the dance floor.

Want to keep up to date on all the happenings? Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all the latest info and some other fun stuff.

Hear Us Now, Funk Us Later In June

Good morning Funkonauts!

Let’s get this thing started out on the good foot, shall we? Lots of thanks to everyone who has been coming out to our shows. As much as we all love playing music, it’s always better when we can see y’all gettin’ down in front of us, having a good time. We truly appreciate all the kind words and the support over the last year.

Speaking of which, this June marks the Boomshack’s first year of playing out live! We’re going to be celebrating big time this coming Saturday night at The Run Of The Mill in Saco. We’ll be out on the patio (keep yer fingers crossed for good weather) getting the crowd moving. If you’ve never been over to The Mill before, there’s plenty of room to dance and lots of good craft beer on tap. Get there early and help us get the party started right at 9pm. No cover, no excuses. Joining us for this great night on guitar will be an original member of the ‘Shack, Scott Morgan.

The rest of the month is going to be a busy one as well. The weekend after next, we’ll be at Bray’s Brew Pub in Naples for Funky Friday June 8th (no cover). We’ll be at Mr. Goodbar in Old Orchard Beach on Thursday June 14th (21+ and $5 cover) – this is a new venue for us and we’d love to see all your smiling faces in the audience to support us. Then we’ll be at Gingko Blue in Portland on Funky Friday June 22nd (no cover) for all you Old Port aficionados. Also, if you’re finding your way up to The Maine Blues Festival on Father’s Day weekend, you’ll be able to catch Sam and John playing on Friday and Saturday – more information once we find out venues and times.

Again, thanks for coming out and we look forward to seeing y’all very very soon. Remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates.

Funky Friday Returns to Gingko Blue

Good Monday to all you funkonauts out there! Hopefully, you’ve recovered from St. Patricks Day enough to become a productive member of society again. We had a great time playing for the folks over in Old Orchard Beach and want to thank everyone for making it out.

This coming Friday (that’d be March 23rd for those of you scoring at home), we return to the comfy confines of Gingko Blue in Portland’s Old Port for what’s sure to be another great show. If you haven’t made it out to Gingko Blue yet, do yourself a favor and circle this one on the calendar. It’s an upscale swanky little lounge that has a great atmosphere and an even better selection of fine adult beverages for your delectation. Better yet, there’s no cover for this show!

So get yourself all dolled up this Friday and join us at 9pm for some funky tunes. We’ve been working hard on some new tunes since we’ve been there last, so this one is going to be fun.