Tonight at Gingko Blue in Portland

1013392_10101067240558219_315905449_nMorning funkonauts – it’s a beautiful day for some funk, don’t you agree? Well, then slide on downtown and shake everything you got with us. We’re playing at Gingko Blue at the corner of Fore and Union tonight in the Old Port and we want to see every one of you there. This is going to be great show because you’ll get a chance to hear all of the songs from the new album live and in person tonight along with a couple of surprises.

Speaking of the new album, we’re in the process of getting this beautiful 9-track manifesto of funky soul music mastered and ready to get printed onto shiny little discs for y’all to enjoy. Our PledgeMusic campaign is still open for pre-orders and pledges – grab your copy of the album, have it signed, or maybe sign yourself up for a homemade pie or a couple burgers with James. Why did we keep the campaign open? When we started this thing, we set a modest goal that would cover half the cost of recording the album (we fronted the other half). Thanks to your support, we reached that goal the day before going into the studio – which is awesome. Now that we’ve finished recording and mixing, there’s still the very important step of mastering – that last greasy coat of goodness that’ll turn this sucker out. If you’ve already pledged, thank you very much. If you haven’t, then it’s not too late because the campaign will be open through the rest of the month. All pledges and pre-orders from this point forward help us cover the cost of mastering and duplication.

Keep on spreading the word folks and see you tonight!


It’s Rained A Cubic Funkyard, So It Must Be Almost Time For Funky Friday!

Mama's Boomshack at Gingko Blue Friday September 6, 2013With the monsoon season apparently upon us here in Maine, it was nice to have a little time to reflect on this fine Labor Day 2013 as we all sat huddled under the same awning waiting for James to finish using the telephone booth since the cheapskate won’t buy a smartphone… ANYWAYS… it’s been a busy summer whether we’ve been out dealing out that funky stuff y’all seem to love so much or trying to squeeze in some time for other projects, day jobs, family, and various other pursuits of happiness. Guess it’s about time to once again stop for a moment and say THANK YOU to all the funkonauts out there who have made this journey possible and a lot more fun along the way. So if you’ve stopped by a show, bought a t-shirt, paid a cover, or arranged the planes-trains-automobiles routine to make it to one of our shows – THANK YOU from the bottom of our funky little hearts.

All right, now that the sloppy stuff it out of the way, let’s get down to business! We’re kicking off our pseudo-fall schedule schedule with a Funky Friday show at a venue that’s been terribly good to us over the last couple years – Gingko Blue. Now, if you’ve been holding off on visiting this swank little lounge at the corner of Union and Fore in Portland, then… well you should probably be committed. Get on down there this Friday night and help us tear it up from 9 until midnight – and better yet, there’s no cover. We’ll have t-shirts for sale at the very special price of 10 bucks in any color you like, provided that it’s grey.

See you there!

Funky Video Goodness

Greetings Funkonauts! In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy with some renovation to the mothership and generally updating every single thing that has our name on it. So, in case you missed it, we’ve added some new videos to our YouTube channel – which, by the way you probably should subscribe to! All three of these were recorded during our recent March/April shows at Gingko Blue in Portland, Maine.

Enjoy and stay funky my friends…

Humungous thanks to Jeffrey Brundage for shooting this video and passing it along.

Anthony’s Farewell Show Tonight!

Good Saturday Morning to all the Funkonauts out there! We had a blast playing at Mainely Brews last night and some of us even managed to work some sleep into our schedule. Thanks again to all the folks who came out last night, the staff at Mainely Brews, and the folks who took care of the band tab – y’all were fantastic.

Tonight we’re bringing it to the stage in Portland at Gingko Blue for a very special occasion as we say good-bye to our funky drummer, Anthony Marino, and send him out into the world to focus on his career and painting. It goes without saying that even without a whole lot of sleep, everything is going to be hanging out tonight, so you don’t want to miss this show.

As usual, there’s no cover at Gingko Blue, so it’s a great time to grab a dozen or so of your friends and make a night of it. The music drops at 9:00 pm and we’re going straight on until midnight. Be there!

Funky Friday Returns To Gingko Blue

The summer is young and it’s already been very very good to the Boomshack. We got James back from Europe, although his liver is still attempting to clear customs after being accused of smuggling several liters* of various spirits. To celebrate, we’re bringing him back to the Old Port with us and declaring June 22nd an extra special Funky Friday.

Which means you need to gather all your favorite funkonauts and come party with us at Gingko Blue this Friday night. The beat drops at 9:00 pm and goes until they shut the power off on us. No cover, no excuses.

While we’ve got a moment, thanks to everyone who made it out to Mr. Goodbar this past Thursday night – we had a blast and are looking forward to dropping some more funky soul on the Beach in August!

* That’s right – liters. We’re gettin’ all metric up in this joint!

Much Gratitude

First and foremost, all the members of the Boomshack would like to thank all the funkonauts who have been coming out to our shows. All of you getting down with us during the show and the kind words afterwards make this whole thing a lot of fun. So, from the bottom of our funky little hearts we thank y’all – if it weren’t for the restraining orders, we’d give every single one of you a big sloppy kiss on the cheek.

Second, we’d like to extend a special thanks to the folks at Bray’s Brew Pub – Mike, Sonja, and the entire staff. Back when we were getting this deal off the ground a year ago, the good folks in Naples were one of the first to sign us up and give us a place to jam. Since then, we’ve been back a whole bunch of times – outdoors, indoors, snow, rain, and sunshine – and it’s always been a good time. Also, we’d like to thank the folks at The Run of the Mill in Saco who hold the distinction of being the very first folks to give us a gig way back when. In between, it’s been a series of smiles with all the kind people at The Big Easy, Empire Dine & Dance, Bull Feeney’s, Kelley’s Row, Gingko Blue, Jimmy The Greeks, The Press Room, The Church, Federal Jacks, and Montsweag Roadhouse. Thank you for giving us a listen and a place to share our music.

So let’s get to third before things get a little too out of control, shall we? Third, thanks to all the folks who have been hanging with us through this whole process. To Scott Morgan – a bona fide original member of the Boomshack who recorded our awesome demo and has been jumping in with us on gigs ever since. To John Mclaine – one of the driving forces behind The Fogcutters who has been kind enough to share the stage with us a couple times. To Alex Cardamone – our favorite funky trumpet player who has been good enough to hang with us throughout the last year. To Chris Marro – for banging out the beat on gigs with us. And to the folks like Jim Robins and Sayid Brent who sat in with us a bit – dang, it was fun.

After a year, it’s been a blast funkonauts… and we’re looking forward to the coming year even more. Stay funky my friends.