Repent Your Unfunky Ways!

It’s time to get yourself right and get to church – The Church. We were very bummed to cancel our last show, but when Mother Nature decides to roll up a the first storm of the year on your doorstep, it’s time to take notice. So, we’ve been aching to get this one back on the books and the time has come.

Next Saturday, November 12th, we’ll be hitting the stage at The Church Performing Arts Center in Gorham for 4 hours of funky good times and we want to share it with you. Get thee off thine couch and thoust booty onto the dance floor people. We take the stage at 8:30 and it’s full steam ahead through until half past midnight. No cover, no problems.

From what we’ve seen, this is a great place to spend a night and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed either. C’mon out and be funky unto one another.