How Blue Can YOU Get?

Greetings and salutations funkonauts… It’s that time of the week again where Mama’s Boomshack helps you plan out the weekend. You’re welcome.

This week, we’re all about getting your Friday rolling in the right direction as we land at Gingko Blue. If you haven’t caught us at this place yet, then you’re missing out. Right in the heart of the Old Port, Gingko Blue is a smooth little lounge with great atmosphere and selection of adult beverages to enhance your relaxation. Check us out starting at 9pm this Friday – no cover, no problems.

We’re also going to be back at Gingko Blue the following Saturday night, February 18th. In between, we’ll be working on some new tunes to spring on everyone for that second show. Want to catch everything? Best get to both shows and compare notes. You know, just to be thorough…

Bringing It Back To Portland!

Afternoon Funkonauts and Happy (Got To Get Over The) Hump Day!

First off, thanks to all the folks who came out to Kelley’s Row last Friday night and helped us get down – the pleasure, as always, was ours. Big shout out to Jim Robins who dropped in and laid down some nasty-good p-bone on the unsuspecting crowd. Keep the faith alive people, we shall return soon.

Next up, we’re bringing the mothership in for a landing in Portland next Friday night at Bull Feeney’s! We’ll be comin’ at ya all the way live from the upstairs room, so if you want a spot to dance, get there soon. The music starts at 9:30 pm, but there’s no reason you can’t there a bit early and sample the fare downstairs before grabbing a pint of whatever-your-pleasure and heading upstairs. Posters will be going up around town later this week, so when you’re heading down the street be sure to point them out to all your friends. They’ll thank you later.

Now, it’s time to get busy with some more tunes (original and otherwise). Peace and hair grease y’all.

Doubleheader Weekend

Hey funkonauts, how’s it been going? Ready to get down this weekend?¬†Good, because we are too – times two.

Friday night, we’ll be hitting up Gingko Blue from 9pm until midnight – a slick little joint in the heart of Portland’s Old Port at 455 Fore Street. Great atmosphere, unbeatable selection of adult beverages at the bar, and some tasty tidbits on the menu. Stop on by early, get your seat warm and your whistle appropriately wet before we pack this place out with some funky good vibes.

Saturday afternoon, you can catch us at Old Orchard Beach’s Harvest Festival from noon to 3 pm in Memorial Park under the bandstand. This is a great family event with lots of stuff for everyone to do, including dancing your booty off. We know the weather isn’t looking too kind, but when was the last time anyone in New England trusted the weather report more than a day out? C’mon people, have a little faith and wait 10 minutes if you don’t like the weather – it’ll probably change. That being said, if things aren’t looking too good that morning, we’ll get the word out here and on Facebook and Twitter with details on what’s what.

So there you have it, half of your plans for the weekend taken care of and it’s only Wednesday afternoon. Be good to yourself and put on some Fred Wesley… you deserve it.