The Final Show

2016-10-14-phome-webAfter six years of making the world just a little bit funkier, it’s time for us to take our final bow. We’ll have one last Funky Friday on October 14 at Portland House Of Music & Events to celebrate.

Six years is something like sixty in band years, which is as much a tribute to the people who have supported us throughout this journey as it is to the tenacity and energy of the musicians themselves. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has ever come out to a show, bought a t-shirt or CD, played our song on the radio, mentioned us online or in print, and introduced our music to a friend. It’s been our pleasure to write and play music for you.

Another set of thank you’s go out to all of the people who booked us for shows throughout the years – after all, what would a band be without a place to play? We’ve been grateful for each show we’ve gotten to play and never lost sight of the faith people put in us to put on a good show. Among all the great people we’ve gotten to work with, a couple deserve some special attention…

Thanks to Sonja at Bray’s Brew Pub, who booked us for an entire year of shows based solely off our demo and has kept us traveling up to Naples consistently ever since. She also helped get us in the door with the Maine Blues Festival, which was a blast to play.

Thanks to Doug at Bull Feeney’s for the monthly residency that lasted almost two years and gave us a chance to play in front of a ton of people.

Thanks to Ken at Portland House Of Music & Events and the old Big Easy. Our first show was at The Big Easy when Ken called us for a last minute fill-in, and it’s only appropriate that we’ll be finishing this run at his newest venue. Not only has he spent years supporting music in Portland, Maine but he also treats every single band/artist with tremendous warmth and respect.

We’d also be remiss if we didn’t thank Jonathan Wyman of The Halo for making the sessions for Speed Of Soul an absolute pleasure and dream come true. Another big thank you to Adam Ayan of Gateway for mastering our album to perfection.

Most of all, thank you to all of the family members who have supported us throughout this trip. It’s not easy living with someone in a band – rehearsals, practice time, and gigs take up a lot of time. Thank you for loving us, coming out to the shows, and bringing dozens of people with you. Thank you to the extended family of Boomshack alumni who have wandered through the band… Anthony, Scott, Chris, Nick, Sam, and Lisa.

We’re looking forward to raging one more time with you at Portland House Of Music & Events on Funky Friday October 14. Get your tickets online now for only $8 or for $10 day of the show. Ya dig?

Mama's Boomshack presents Stand! A Tribute to Sly & The Family Stone - Portland House Of Music & Events - Saturday April 16, 2016


Mama's Boomshack presents Stand! A Tribute to Sly & The Family Stone - Portland House Of Music & Events - Saturday April 16, 2016When we’ve had to describe our sound, the quickest way to get the point across has been to say we sound like the lovechild of James Brown and Sly Stone. A mixture of funk and soul but also of different people’s influences and energy coming together to form a singular sound. So it only goes to figure that after we paid tribute to The Godfather of Soul back in November that our next show at Portland House Of Music would feature the other half of our musical DNA. Stand! is going to be a showcase for a ton of groundbreaking Sly hits along with some deeper cuts – songs that have been played and sampled countless times over the last decades and yet still sound fresh.

So don’t wait – tickets are now available online for our April 16th show at Portland House of Music & Events. Tickets are $6 in advance and $8 the day of the show – but judging by the response we had back in November, you don’t want to wait too long before snagging your tickets for this one.

Our first set of the night will feature original music by us and the second set will be chock full of Sly tunes. Joining us for the night will be our friends Jya Marie and Susannah Gerry on vocals, Kate Beever on percussion, and Dwight Herdrich on keys.


Star Time Comes To Portland

2015-11-14-portland-house-of-music-web“Ladies and gentlemen… it’s Star Time!”

Those were the words that Bobby Byrd spoke thousands of times as he introduced a man who, in reality, needed no introduction. The Hardest Working Man in Show Business. Mr. Dynamite. Soul Brother Number One. The Minister of the New Heavy Funk. Mr Please Please Please. The Godfather Of Soul… Mr. James Brown.

On Saturday November 14th, we’re bringing a one-two punch to Portland House Of Music that you haven’t ever seen. One full set of original funky soul music and then an epic all James Brown second set featuring special guests and the super heavy funk of an 11-piece band. We’re ready to get on the good foot – are you?

Advance tickets are only $6 and are available online right now – tickets day of the show will be $8. Don’t miss out – get your tickets now and then be prepared to get on up with us!

Do have your copy of our album Speed Of Soul yet? For the next 36 hours, you can use the promo code “phome” to take 25% off when you download through our Bandcamp page!


Back To The Future – This Saturday Night At Bull Feeney’s!

bull-feeneysFunk upon a time ago, we had some good times playing our monthly gigs at Bull Feeney’s – tunes were belted, drinks were spilled, fun was had. Well, it’s time we got back to our roots for a hot minute, so we’re bringing the funky soul you know and love back to one of Portland’s live music institutions. Saturday night August 1st, come catch us at Bull Feeney’s – you know the drill, 9:30pm until they kick us out at 1:00am.

If you’ve never been to Bull Feeney’s, y’all are in for a treat. Great food, lots of great beer, and we’ve got a big ol’ place for you to dance. There’s no cover, so save your cash for a cold beverage.


Sacred Funk & Soul Sunday

one-longfellow-square-logoIt’s not too often that you find us bringing the mothership out of the garage on a Sunday… so when we do, you know it’s for a good reason…

This Sunday, our friends OC & The Offbeats are celebrating the release of their brand spankin’ new CD and they were kind enough to ask us to get the night started. So go ahead and keep that Sunday best on after you finish gettin’ right and then slide on down to One Longfellow Square to catch one of the best 1-2 punches in Portland.

Doors open at 7pm, we get things rolling at 8pm, and then we hand it over to folks of the hour for the rest of the night. Tickets are available online in advance or at the door. Don’t miss out on some prime Monday morning watercooler fodder – be there.


Snow Don’t Stop The Funk… Thursday Night at Empire!

2015-01-29-empire-webGreetings funkonauts one and all… To those digging out in the northeast, it’s time to shake off that cabin fever and shovel a path to your car because the show Thursday night at Empire is on like Donkey Kong.

In case you haven’t heard, we’re kicking out the jams with this one. Our fellow funkateers from New Hampshire, Harsh Armadillo, will be joining us for the night and they’re bringing a whole big bag of sound with them. These are some great players, playa – don’t miss ’em.

As for us? Well, we’ve come to kick ass and chew bubblegum… and we’re all outta bubblegum.

Doors open up at 9:30pm and the show starts at 10:00pm. Tickets are only $6 and you can grab them online right now or pay at the door. 21+ as always at Empire. We’ve got a handful of new songs to drop on ya, so don’t sleep on this chance to get some fresh funk in your lives.

You probably already missed one day of work this week – why not make it an odd three days and give yourself an epic 3-day weekend? You deserve it a break today.


Building An Empire Of Funk

10679733_733683856705670_7427548322468062539_oGreetings funkonauts… We’ve been having a blast in 2015 so far working on some new tunes for you to dig and it’s almost time for you to come check them out!

The next time to get your dosage of funky soul music is Thursday January 29th at Empire in Portland, ME. We’re bringing our New Hampshire friends Harsh Armadillo to town to get things rolling, and believe us when we say you don’t want to miss these guys because they lay it down. After that, we hit the stage with a fistful of new songs and a whole lotta pent-up funk to get out of our systems.

Tickets are only $6 for the whole night and you can get them online now. No seriously, get them now because you don’t want to get shut out of this one. Doors open at 9:30 pm and the show gets rolling at 10:00 pm. If you have vacation time, plan accordingly for the next day – if not, start practicing your sick voice now for the early morning call out.

TONIGHT at Empire In Portland!

Mama's Boomshack live at Empire in Portland, MaineFor all those funkonauts who have been craving a Portland show, your prayers have been answered! We’ll be tearing it up TONIGHT (Saturday October 11th) at Empire in Portland – and we’re bringing a whole bag of tricks with us…

For starters, we have the return of the one and only Lisa Brundage! Then, we have a new tune to drop on y’all to keep things interesting on the dance floor. After that, how about some more local music from OC and the Offbeats? How about some brand new t-shirts for your delectation?

Yeah, we thought you might like it…

Slide on down to Empire tonight – doors at 9:30pm, OC and the Offbeats at 10:00pm, and then we’ll keep the house ragin’ into Sunday morning. 21+ and tickets are only $6 at the door or online.