Funky Friday at Bull Feeney’s This Week

2013-10-25-bullfeeneys-webGreetings Funkonauts! Once again, it’s time to break out all that funky soul music that you love and bring it to one of the most hoppin’ joints in Portland! Come check us out at Bull Feeney’s this Funky Friday night. The beat drops at 9:30 pm and there’s never a cover for Funky Friday. The address is 375 Fore Street, or you can just listen for the party and see us gettin’ down in that second story corner window.

While we’re chatting so amiably, why not also throw in another reminder to vote for us in this year’s Portland Phoenix Best Music Poll as the Best R&B/Soul/Funk Act. While you’re there, throw a couple votes to the Fogcutters and all your favorite artists and musicians.

Vote For Us In The Portland Phoenix 2013 Best Music Poll!


We’re honored to be nominated in the Portland Phoenix 2013 Best Music Poll in the Best R&B/Soul/Funk Act category. It’s amazing to see our names alongside other bands whose music we really like, so we’d also like to congratulate them as well.

Funkonauts, we’ve been having a blast getting out on stage and playing for you over the last almost 3 years. As much as we love music, it just wouldn’t be the same playing to empty rooms – so thank you for coming out to shows, paying covers, plowing through snowstorms, fending off giant bats, and all the other assorted nonsense. We’re looking forward to continuing our quest to bring funky soul music to the masses!

All that being said, we’re a pretty big underdog in this whole deal – so we’d love your help! Go ahead and vote for us and then spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, MySpace (that’s still a thing, right?), or whatever works for you.

Thanks again and keep the funk alive!

Funky Friday Makes Feet Happy

2013-09-27-bullfeeneys-webIt’s getting to be about that time when everyone gets themselves out for a good time, and we’re happy to supply the soundtrack for your Friday night adventures!

This Funky Friday, we’ll be venturing to one of Portland’s favorite watering holes, Bull Feeney’s as we’ll be tearing it up on the main stage from 9:30 pm until they kick us all out onto the sidewalks. We’ll be bringing that same mixture of funky soul music that you’ve been craving and possibly a couple of surprises.

Don’t miss out – swing on by 375 Fore Street on Friday. There’s no cover, you’ve got no excuses, and what else are you going to do on a Friday night in Portland?

It’s Rained A Cubic Funkyard, So It Must Be Almost Time For Funky Friday!

Mama's Boomshack at Gingko Blue Friday September 6, 2013With the monsoon season apparently upon us here in Maine, it was nice to have a little time to reflect on this fine Labor Day 2013 as we all sat huddled under the same awning waiting for James to finish using the telephone booth since the cheapskate won’t buy a smartphone… ANYWAYS… it’s been a busy summer whether we’ve been out dealing out that funky stuff y’all seem to love so much or trying to squeeze in some time for other projects, day jobs, family, and various other pursuits of happiness. Guess it’s about time to once again stop for a moment and say THANK YOU to all the funkonauts out there who have made this journey possible and a lot more fun along the way. So if you’ve stopped by a show, bought a t-shirt, paid a cover, or arranged the planes-trains-automobiles routine to make it to one of our shows – THANK YOU from the bottom of our funky little hearts.

All right, now that the sloppy stuff it out of the way, let’s get down to business! We’re kicking off our pseudo-fall schedule schedule with a Funky Friday show at a venue that’s been terribly good to us over the last couple years – Gingko Blue. Now, if you’ve been holding off on visiting this swank little lounge at the corner of Union and Fore in Portland, then… well you should probably be committed. Get on down there this Friday night and help us tear it up from 9 until midnight – and better yet, there’s no cover. We’ll have t-shirts for sale at the very special price of 10 bucks in any color you like, provided that it’s grey.

See you there!

Happy Funky Fourth of July Eve!

Greetings Funkonauts across all the dimensions of space and time! Here on Earth, we’re fixin’ to celebrate the 4th of July a little bit early with a special midweek show at Bull Feeney’s in Portland, Maine tonight!

Bull Feeney’s is a classic Irish pub located in the heart of Portland’s historic Old Port at 375 Fore Street. They have a wide variety of local beer on draft, a large selection of fine scotch and whiskey, and a tremendous menu. With two floors, it’s also a great atmosphere for live music. Get there early for some dinner and then be prepared to boogie on into the Fourth with us.

As usual, music starts at 9:30 pm and we’ll be bringing the heavy funk until almost 1:00 am! No cover means no excuses, so get yourself downtown and see some funky fireworks on the stage!

Funky Friday at Bull Feeney’s!

Mama's Boomshack at Bull Feeney's June 28 in Portland, Maine

It’s coming up on the fourth Friday of the month, which means it’s time for us to bring the funk back to Bull Feeney’s in Portland!

Bull Feeney’s is a great traditional Irish pub located on Fore Street in the heart of Portland’s Old Port. Two levels, great menu, and a fine selection of local brews and fine scotch are just a few of the key things here folks. A good choice any night of the week, it’s an especially fine destination on Funky Friday. With no cover, you can stop by and swing upstairs for a funky good time with us starting at 9:30 pm and going until almost 1:00 am.

Jump on by, bring a dozen friends, and don’t plan on going anywhere else – THIS is the place to be Friday night!

I See The Mothership Comin’ – Old Port Festival 2013


Funkonauts, we’re hyped up because it’s just over 12 hours until we hit the stage for an hour of dynamite!¬†During Old Port Festival 2013 on Sunday June 9, you don’t want to be anywhere else in Portland except at The Big Easy when we unleash the power of this fully operational mothership. We’re going to be covering Parliament’s classic Mothership Connection album in full P-Funk regalia along with hitting some of our own tunes along the way.

Doors open at 11:30 am, music is Noon to 1:00 pm, and it’s only $6 at the door. Stick around after our set for 3 other bands covering albums by Morphine (Moonhawk), No Doubt (Andi Fawcett with Fighting Gravity), and Queen (Clubber Lang). Four bands playing four classic albums for just 6 bucks?! You can’t find that kind of entertainment anywhere else. Come out and get funky with us!

Lots of great music happening at the Old Port Festival, so get down there early and start the day off right with us.

Top 10 Totally Unacceptable Excuses For Not Coming To The Old Port Festival

2013-01-29-bigeasy-web-bigHello funkonauts! Now that June has arrived, it’s time to start thinking about sun, fun, and gathering with a few thousand of your closest friends for Portland’s biggest yearly party – the Old Port Festival.¬†We’ll be joining forces with 3 other bands from this year’s Cover to Cover series to bring back 4 classic albums for a full afternoon of music at The Big Easy. Our set starts the day off at noon when we bring Mothership Connection back to the masses in all its P-Funk glory along with some of our own funky soul music. It’s going to be a good time and the best way to start your Old Port adventure.

However, we’ve heard some unfunky grumbling on the subject, so let’s be sure we set the record straight. Here are the Top 10 Totally Unacceptable Excuses For Not Coming To The Old Port Festival…

10) I have to feed my dog/cat/goldfish…

Drop some extra food in the bowl that morning and then bring ’em back a couple Five Guys burgers – they’ll love you for it.

9) I don’t want to have to deal with parking…

Listen, we feel you on this one – we’ve got an instellar funk-powered starship that James somehow has to wedge into a spot somewhere downtown between a pick-up truck and a Prius that someone parked halfway into another spot… and he can’t parallel park for squat. The garages are still open and everyone should know someone who knows someone who has an extra parking spot within walking distance (there’s a map right here). If you don’t, head out Friday and Saturday night so you can make some new friends. Just don’t start the conversation off with “Hey, you got an extra parking spot?” Things could get awkward really quickly…

8) I’m lame…

No you’re not. In fact, you’re one of the most delightful people we’ve ever met. And if we haven’t met yet, then we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt solely based on all the nice things we’ve heard about you.

7) I’m awesome…

No you’re not dude. Now rein in the ego and go have some fun.

941618_10201012117895783_990928330_n6) I have no idea where I’m going and will be lost like a little bird who’s lost its mother…

Whoa – calm down, we have the perfect solution for you. Meet us down at The Big Easy when the doors open at 11:30 am and proceed right to the bar where Kenya will be more than happy to get a frosty beverage to soothe your jangled nerves. Then, kick back for the next hour as we drop delightful chunks of P-Funk into your earhole along with our brand of funky soul music while you plan the rest of your day. But then again, why bother going anywhere else when you could just hang around and watch another 3 bands in rapid fire succession after we finish up?!

5) It gets a little crazy down there…

Okay, fine. So there’ll be thousands of people roaming the streets of Portland. So a few of them will have punched above their weight when it comes to alcohol. So a very few will want to hug you at completely inappropriate times. It’s the middle of a Sunday afternoon, so chances are better than average that things will work out fine. Besides, that little deal that they had up in Woodstock with thousands of people seemed to work out okay? Well, the original – not the last one. But that was mostly Limp Bizkit’s fault and they’re not going to be anywhere near Portland. So the worst you’re looking at is Chris stumbling out of the whiskey tasting tent and giving you a big, sweaty drummer hug. Hey, some places in the world, that’s the height of decorum!

4) I need something really special to get me out of the house…

How about all of Parliament’s classic album Mothership Connection performed by us in full P-Funk regalia? Yeah, the costumes are making a comeback and we’re not holding anything back this time.

3) It’s too hot out…

Did we mention that The Big Easy is fully equipped with this new-fangled invention called “air conditioning”? It’s like a cross between Christmas and a basket full of absinthe-filled Easter bunnies with a side of peeps. We’re anxious to try it out.

2) I’m broke as a joke…

When was the last time you got 4 hours of entertainment for six bucks? Dang, you can’t even go see a matinee movie for that – and even then you’ve gotta sneak in some snacks while hoping those Raisinets don’t melt to your inner thigh. Get to The Big Easy at 11:30 am and then park yourself there for the rest of the day. We start the show at noon with Mothership Connection. Following us is Moonhawk performing Morphine’s Cure For Pain, then Doubting Gravity playing No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom album, and finishing up with Clubber Lang performing Queen’s Sheer Heart Attack. Four classic albums for under ten bucks – you can’t score that at your local record store’s bargain bin, and you get change back!

1) No one invited me…

Well, we just did – so don’t be that kid! C’mon down and get funky with us!