Best Music Poll Results Are In


Wednesday night, the good folks over at Asylum hosted the Portland Music Awards where the winners of the Portland Phoenix’s 2013 Best Music Poll were announced. In a field of really good bands that made up the Best R&B / Soul / Funk Act category… we, unfortunately, did not win. So first off, congratulations go out to local institution Sly-Chi for their win – we’re very happy for such a talented group of musicians. Also, lots of love to the other nominees – it was great just to stand shoulder to shoulder with y’all.

Most of all, thanks to all of YOU – the people who voted for us and are the reason we made it into the poll in the first place. It’s our pleasure to play for you and we love you all – even the ones who get a little too friendly at the end of the night. It’s okay, excessive amounts of alcohol will do that. It’s folks like you who are the reason we could come in second in what was a very loaded group of bands – that’s absolutely huge for us and we’re thrilled.

Y’all are un-funkin-believable.

On The Weekend & Being Wicked Famous

Great show at Bray’s Brew Pub tonight – thanks to everyone who made it out and especially to the hard-working staff who have made their place like our second home in 2011. Looking forward to more good nights up in Naples in 2012.

Speaking of 2012, we’re going to be at Montsweag Roadhouse Saturday December 31st for a New Years Eve bash. Music starts at 9:30pm – get out early to make sure you don’t miss a note of sweet, juicy funk.

And to round things up, it looks like we were getting wicked famous even before we knew it. Back in late July, we got a mention in the Bangor Daily News when they did a post about Kenya Hall. We’re in the sixth paragraph down and it goes a little something like this…

Maine isn’t know for its thriving soul and funk scene, but Bangor’s Juicebox and Portland bands like the Sly-Chi (who are also playing the Dispatch ME stage at KahBang), Mama’s Boomshack and the Kenya Hall Band are changing that. KahBang this year in particular is bringing more soul, funk and hip hop to Maine than any other festival in recent memory has seen, making it one of the most musically diverse festivals in the state.

Cool! No matter where you’re spending tomorrow night, have a safe and happy New Years Eve. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in 2012!

Support Your Local Big Band

You like music? Good. Do you like local music? Even better. So…um…what are you doing this Friday night?

Not to come off too 8th grader, but if you’re down with supporting the local Portland music scene, then Friday night is your kinda night. The Fogcutters Big Band is playing the State Theatre… and they’re bringing friends. Who you may ask? How’s about Dave Gutter, Spose, Darien Brahms, Jacob Augustine, Lyle Divinsky, Dominic Lavoie, Sly Chi, Zach Jones, and The Mallett Brothers. Check it out – The Fogcutters Present Big Band Syndrome.

Hey, sounds like there won’t be much else going on in town that night, so perhaps it’s a good idea to go where the action is, no? Tickets are only $10 in advance and $15 for those procrastinators who like to buy the day of the show. All ages, doors open at 6:00 pm.

Support your local musicians and give an extra loud shout for James Hebert while you’re at it.

Saturday Night Is All Right For Boomshack

Lots happening this Saturday, so let’s get right down to business. First things first – you need to get yourself out to Naples for Saturday night with Mama’s Boomshack in the Bray’s Brew Pub biergarten. Lots of great craft beers on tap, great food, and a great atmosphere outdoors on a summer night. What more could you ask for? How about some comedy? Sometime after 6pm, there’ll be comedy in the biergarten with three local comics doing their thing. When the laughs stop, sit back and enjoy a pint and get ready to party with us from 9pm through ’til midnight.

Now here’s where we’d normally sign off with a clever phrase or six, but let’s pimp a good cause before riding off into the sunset. If you’re in the Brunswick area Saturday afternoon, there’s a great concert happening over at Thomas Point Beach featuring tons of great local musicians – Anderson Council, Max After, Pete Miller Band, Pete Kilpatrick Band, Grand Hotel, Sly Chi, and Rustic Overtones. Gates open at 10 am, show runs from noon to 6 pm – it’s only 15 bucks to get in (kids under 12 and adults over 80 get in free) and all proceeds benefit the American Red Cross.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering… yes, you can get there from here and it only takes a bit over an hour – plenty of time to watch Rustic finish up there set and hustle on over to finish the night at Bray’s. Just sayin’…