Support Local Music – Go Big (Band), Or Go Home

In our very brief time here on this cosmic plane, we’ve been privileged to share the stage with some very talented folks – two of whom are involved in some pretty slick happenings this week. Perhaps you heard of this little ruckus at the State Theatre last December when The Fogcutters backed up some of the best and brightest of the Maine musical scene for one night. If you didn’t, then all is not lost – recordings exist and there’s still a chance to get your edumacation in.

Yesterday, The Fogcutters dropped their debut album on the world – Big Band Syndrome Volume 1. Featuring our very own James Hebert and masterminded by Brian Graham (of Sly-Chi) and John Maclaine (who’s been gracious enough to jam with us a couple times), the disc is already getting rave reviews. In fact, we got namedropped in this one right here – damn near made Anthony blush.

Support local music and get your copy now by dropping by the record store (or whatever you wish to call it these days) or get a digital download. And while you’re at it, stop on by The Big Easy this coming Saturday night for their CD release party and cheer James on. You know he loves the attention…

Support Your Local Big Band

You like music? Good. Do you like local music? Even better. So…um…what are you doing this Friday night?

Not to come off too 8th grader, but if you’re down with supporting the local Portland music scene, then Friday night is your kinda night. The Fogcutters Big Band is playing the State Theatre… and they’re bringing friends. Who you may ask? How’s about Dave Gutter, Spose, Darien Brahms, Jacob Augustine, Lyle Divinsky, Dominic Lavoie, Sly Chi, Zach Jones, and The Mallett Brothers. Check it out – The Fogcutters Present Big Band Syndrome.

Hey, sounds like there won’t be much else going on in town that night, so perhaps it’s a good idea to go where the action is, no? Tickets are only $10 in advance and $15 for those procrastinators who like to buy the day of the show. All ages, doors open at 6:00 pm.

Support your local musicians and give an extra loud shout for James Hebert while you’re at it.