Funky Video Goodness

Greetings Funkonauts! In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy with some renovation to the mothership and generally updating every single thing that has our name on it. So, in case you missed it, we’ve added some new videos to our YouTube channel – which, by the way you probably should subscribe to! All three of these were recorded during our recent March/April shows at Gingko Blue in Portland, Maine.

Enjoy and stay funky my friends…

Humungous thanks to Jeffrey Brundage for shooting this video and passing it along.

Meet the Boomshack – John Berce

johnThis month, it’s all about the bass – because you can’t have the funk without that thump baby.

Holding down the bottom is a bit of a thankless job – sort of like an offensive lineman in football or whoever has to make up for Keanu Reeves’ stunning lack of acting ability in every scene – and nobody does it better than our own John Berce. A Boomshack fixture since the beginning, John can be counted on for two things without question – keeping the groove steady and buying a new bass every couple of months in the neverending search for the perfect sound.

Without further ado, here it is in his own words…

The best song you’ve listened to in the last 24 hours…. Gary Clark’s Outro

Your desert island top 5 albums are….¬†The Beatles “The White Album”, Tedeschi-Trucks Band “Revelator”, anything by Jaco Pastorius, Miles Davis “Kinda of Blue”, and Derek Trucks Band “Songlines”

Favorite gig experience of the last year…. Bull Feeney’s after being hospitalized

If you could open for any band/artist – past or present – who would it be?….¬†Phish, playing to a crowd that size and with that *mood*, would be great!

Most amusing moment to happen during/before/after a gig in the last year…. James’ sack o’burgers and a bad decision

Most embarrassing moment to happen during/before/after a gig in the last year…. showing up for gig without PA head

If I had a million dollars I would…. retire and build guitars

How do you take your funk?… Bubbly, Bootsy-style

The one thing you want the whole world to know about you is…. I invented the internet and Al Gore stole my idea!