Official Video For Speed Of Soul

Check out the new official video for our song “Speed Of Soul” on our YouTube channel!

The video was chopped by Todd Regoulinsky. The original footage is from “The Mechanical Monsters” by Fleischer Studios in 1941 – all footage is in the public domain and available for use.

If you haven’t gotten your copy of our album, then get to it! Downloads are available through Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. To get a CD, visit your local Bull Moose shop or order online through their website.

Hanging around Portland next Saturday night? Stop by Empire and say hello – tickets are only $6 and available online now or at the door that night.

New Video On YouTube – “Sing A Simple Song”

Hey funkonauts! We’ve been taking a break from writing new songs every now and again to edit some video from past shows and posting the results on our YouTube channel. Below is the result – a cover of Sly & The Family Stone’s classic “Sing A Simple Song” with a shout-out at the end to Maine’s own Rustic Overtones as well. This weekend we’ll be heading back into the woodshed to work on some more new music for y’all – some of which will wind up on our debut album. If you’d like to be part of the recording process, then go ahead and pledge to help fund our project to receive updates and other exclusives. Thanks for all the support!

New Big Easy Videos

Morning Funkonauts! Hope y’all are ready to get on over the hump this Wednesday. If not, here’s some funky video goodness from our show at The Big Easy back in January to help you out. First up, we have one of our original tunes called “Nothing More To Say”, which features Lisa Brundage on lead vocals and Alex Cardamone on trumpet…

Then, we have the beginning of our Mothership Connection set, “P-Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)” which featured a whole bunch of solos, but specifically our special guest that night on keyboards, Michael Beling…

Get Social With Mama

It’s like George always said – funk not only moves, it removes. So if you got arthritis, rheumitism, migraines – whatever part of your body it is, maybe you need to rub a little funk on it and get some more Boomshack into your life. So, let’s get social with yo Mama and go over your options…

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Last but certainly not least is our YouTube channel. Don’t think this it too important? Well, get a load of some of the stuff you can shove into your earhole there…

So get on the good foot and start clicking people. We’re here to help.