Funky Soul Hitting The Studio

artistdevphotoGreetings to all the funkonauts out there… In case you didn’t know, we’re hitting the studio in just five days! Not only is this going to feature some old school funky soul music, it’s also going to be an old school style recording session. Going in, laying it down live, and all in about a week.

Want to be a part of this thing? We’re using PledgeMusic to help fund the session and we’re sitting at 76% of our goal right now because of all the support fans, friends, and complete strangers have been throwing our way. Although with thrilled with the progress so far, we still have a ways to go and 9 days to do it.

We’re not asking something for nothing people – you get what you give. Whatever you pledge, you get a sweet exclusive from us related to the album. You can pre-order the album for $10 as a digital download, $15 for a CD, or $20 for a signed CD. Want something more unique? How about a disposable camera filled with behind-the-scenes photos of us making the album taken by band members – along with a digital download? For $50, you get a download plus a handwritten lyrics sheet to any of our songs. For $65, you get a download plus a signed drum head. For $75 you get your name in the liner notes and a signed CD. For $85, you can have burgers in Portland with our very own “Burger” James Hebert plus a signed CD. For $150 you get a homemade pie baked by Lisa along with a signed CD. If you’re really ambitious, for $2,000 we’ll be the band for your next house party anywhere in New England.

Head on over to the page and check it out. We’ll be posting here, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube with updates from the studio.

Funky Video Goodness

Greetings Funkonauts! In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy with some renovation to the mothership and generally updating every single thing that has our name on it. So, in case you missed it, we’ve added some new videos to our YouTube channel – which, by the way you probably should subscribe to! All three of these were recorded during our recent March/April shows at Gingko Blue in Portland, Maine.

Enjoy and stay funky my friends…

Humungous thanks to Jeffrey Brundage for shooting this video and passing it along.

Get Social With Mama

It’s like George always said – funk not only moves, it removes. So if you got arthritis, rheumitism, migraines – whatever part of your body it is, maybe you need to rub a little funk on it and get some more Boomshack into your life. So, let’s get social with yo Mama and go over your options…

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Last but certainly not least is our YouTube channel. Don’t think this it too important? Well, get a load of some of the stuff you can shove into your earhole there…

So get on the good foot and start clicking people. We’re here to help.