beerHappy Funky Friday Funkonauts! We’re hurtling towards the weekend and as such, it’s time to get out and shake something… We’re going to be tearing things up over at Bray’s Brew Pub in Naples, ME on Saturday night – and you should too! We get rolling at 9:00pm and there’s never a cover, so you’ve got some extra jingle when you walk to spend on a frosty adult beverage.

If you’ve never been to Bray’s before, be sure to get there early to have some dinner too – they have a terrific menu. And the beer… oh, the beer. Lots of great selections including the stuff they brew right there on the premises. Food, beer, and funk – sort of like heaven on earth, dontcha think?

Bray’s is located right on Route 302 as you head into Naples, at 678 Roosevelt Trail. Be there!